Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gaming Memories 06: Metroid School-mate

Gaming Memories 06: Metroid School-mate

So now we have the internet, and a little before that we had video game magazines.  In the late 80's, my relatives had none of that.  They had a Nintendo, they had a Metroid cart, and they had a lot of time on their hands to do goofy shit.  You see, back in the early days of the NES, they had no battery backup chips built in to the cartridges.  You could not save your game, you got a numerical code you had to write down in a notebook.  Then when you wanted to continue you had to sit down and input these sometimes ridiculously long sequences of numbers into the game.

Now, spoilers, but when you finished Metroid in a small amount of time, you would get to see the main character, Samas, without armor.  The big twist was that you were playing a girl the entire time.  Even though I did not see this game beaten till over a decade later, I knew Samas was female because of a coincidence that no one will believe.

While at my cousin's house, they were getting ready to play some Metroid.  I was all intent to watch, I was probably around 5 years old at the time and so all I ever got to do was watch them play.  They were getting ready to put the code in to continue their game when they started goofing around, seeing if they could change things and have the game accept them.  Now, I swear this is TRUTH, this is REAL.  My cousin's friend was there that day, and his name was Justin Bailey.  I KNOW!  People that know about this are already calling "BULLSHIT!", but go ahead with your disbelief.  When you enter JUSTIN BAILY and blank out the lower lines, you get a special Samus to play.

Believe me or not, it makes no difference to me, but its a cool memory to me.

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